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The DMW is excited to announce that author Todd Calgi Gallicano is available for visits to elementary and middle schools.


We recommend grades 4 and up for his presentation, which lasts about 45 minutes, not including a question and answer session (it can be shortened if necessary).

To schedule a visit or for more information, contact us today! 

The Presentation

The author presents a discussion on Joseph Campbell and the hero myth as it relates to modern storytelling. Using contemporary movies, Mr. Gallicano steps students through the various stages of the journey, examining how these stages can be seen throughout time in mythology and our own lives. This provides an understanding of the deep connections that exist between different cultures and how all great stories tap into the universal human experience.

The Details

The presentation will require the use of a projector, screen, microphone, and speakers for the slideshow audio. It is best delivered in a space with controllable light to make it easier to see the projected images and videos.



These visits can include book signings, lunch with groups, book club talks, and other opportunities. We welcome inquiries from homeschooling groups, book festivals, and conferences for panel discussions. Skype visits are also possible.

Author Visit Contact


Here are a few testimonials from recent school visits:

“We loved having Mr. Gallicano speak to our 4th through 7th grades! His presentation on the hero myth was fun and educational. The students were engaged and participating in the discussion, and they came away with a new understanding of stories and how they work.”

– Mothers Auxiliary Enrichment Committee, Iona Preparatory School, New Rochelle, NY

"CSD was very excited to welcome guest speaker and author, Todd Calgi Gallicano to speak to grades 4-7 about 'mythical heroes.' The presentation was fantastic, and the students learned so much! Thank you, Mr. Gallicano!"


– Community School of Davidson, Davidson, NC

“…the students were all very engaged throughout his presentation. He chose characters and story bits that were popular with the group to help explain the 'stages of a hero's journey.'"

– 5th grade teacher, Markham Elementary, Portland, OR

"Our Pine Lake 4-7th graders thoroughly enjoyed Todd Gallicano's presentation which was captivating, entertaining and educational! Students were 'buzzing' about his fun movie clips and the connections they made with his 'hero's journey' talk for the rest of the day!"


– 7th grade teacher, Pine Lake Prep, Mooresville, NC 

"Our fifth grade students couldn't stop talking about today's presentation. Todd was able to explain the hero's journey in film and literature in a way that captivated our fifth graders.  They are now excited to start analyzing the plots of their favorite fantasy novel to see how the stories correlate."

– 5th grade teacher, JV Washam Elementary, Cornelius, NC

"Mr. Gallicano's presentation to our sixth and seventh graders was awesome. The students made deep connections through his use of media and the hero's journey structure. Best of all, it worked perfectly into the sixth grade curriculum in ELA and Social Studies!"

– Language & Literature teacher, Mt. Mourne School, Mooresville, NC

"Bailey’s sixth graders loved learning about the hero’s journey and recognizing that familiar pattern in their favorite stories. Todd's storytelling is compelling."

Academic Facilitator for Language Arts and Social Studies, Bailey Middle School, Huntersville, NC

"Mr. Gallicano’s presentation was engaging, fun and informational. Students and teachers alike enjoyed hearing the journey of a hero through characters from popular movies and books...Mr. Gallicano is an amazing speaker."

– Dean of Students 5th and 6th grade, Cannon School, Concord, NC

"Mr. Gallicano's visit was a wonderful experience for our 7th Graders! He introduced the Heroes Journey to students and teachers and many are excited to bring it into their classrooms."


– Principal, Dwyer Middle School, Huntington Beach, CA

To learn more or schedule a visit, please fill out the contact form below. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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