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Frequently Asked Questions

To help familiarize you with the Department of Mythical Wildlife, we've provided answers to some frequently asked questions below. If you have a question you'd like answered, please Contact Us. (Note: not all questions can be answered due to the classified nature of the DMW's operations).

Who is in charge of the DMW?

Employees of the Department of Mythical Wildlife remain anonymous given the secretive nature of the agency. However, there are those staff members who have agreed to be identified given their involvement in Sam London’s first case: “Guardians of the Gryphon’s Claw.” One such individual, who is also considered the Director of the DMW, our highest organizational authority, is Doctor Henry Knox.  


Where does the DMW operate?

The Department operates throughout the United States; however, there are investigations which lead department employees outside U.S. borders on occasion. There are treaties and agreements in place to enable DMW rangers to operate unencumbered in many parts of the world.


How many people does the DMW employ?

This information is classified. However, even if we could disclose this information, it would likely be incorrect. Given the nature of the agency’s mission, the DMW receives support and assistance from a variety of individuals, including the mythical creatures under the department’s protection, as well as readers of the Sam London Adventures, who can sign up to become Secret Rangers.


Where is the DMW headquarters located?

Once again, this information is classified. The integrity and security of the DMW is paramount to ensuring the protection of mythical creatures.


Is the DMW a global organization?

Although the DMW can and does operate outside the borders of the United States, it is not a global organization. Rather it is a part of a network of organizations around the world that are responsible for protecting mythical creatures within their nation’s borders.


How can rangers see mythical creatures?

Throughout the history of the Department of Mythical Wildlife, the ability to see and interact with mythical creatures is an integral part of our mission. DMW-affiliated rangers are provided the tools necessary to overcome the curse that renders humanity blind to these creatures. These methods, which will remain classified, have been approved by Phylassos strictly for the purpose of helping to protect lawful mythical creatures.


What is Phylassos Law?

The law known as Phylassos’ Law relates to the curse Phylassos placed on humanity centuries ago. This curse, which is embodied in the Gryphon’s claw, left humankind unable to see the majority of mythical creatures. In light of the curse, Phylassos instructed all mythical creatures that they were forbidden to expose their existence to humanity. To do so, would violate Phylassos’ authority and be met with harsh punishment, as it would endanger the lives of all mythical creatures.


What are the Phylassos Accords?

Given humanity’s penchant for war and the advent of nuclear weapons, Phylassos chose to warn the world’s government’s of the existence of mythical creatures in 1945. Phylassos informed these world leaders that their cooperation in protecting these creatures and conserving their habitats was integral to the future of humankind. It was out of these accords that nations around the world created their own secret agencies to help Phylassos enforce the Law and maintain the curse. 

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