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Our Mission

The U.S. Department of Mythical Wildlife (DMW) protects and monitors mythical creatures who secretly reside within our nation’s national parks. The agency works with America’s park rangers to prevent interaction between these creatures and humankind, as well as to help enforce Phylassos’ Law.

Department of Mythical Wildlife - Guardians of the Gryphon's Claw

Established in the mid-twentieth century by the U.S. Government, the DMW has operated in secret, ensuring the existence of mythical creatures remains undisclosed to the human population. For over seventy years, the agency has worked behind the scenes to follow the precepts set out in the Phylassos Accords. Although Phylassos’ curse has rendered humanity blind to the existence of mythical creatures, there are instances that require attention and investigation, including creature sightings, accidental/intentional physical contact, and the dangers created from those creatures acting in defiance of Phylassos’ Law.


In order to perform their duties, all rangers who work with the DMW are specially equipped to see and interact with mythical creatures. The methods by which this is possible remains classified.

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Case #1 & 2 in the Sam London Adventure series

Guardians of the Gryphon's Claw
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