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The Creature Files – Episode Seven: "Skunk Ape Lives"

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Case #1 & 2 in the Sam London Adventure series

Guardians of the Gryphon's Claw

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Sightings Desk: Loch Ness Monster

Creature Feature: The Skunk Ape

Special Guest: Stacy Brown, Jr.

The Skunk Ape, also known as the Myakka ape, is a bipedal humanoid akin to the bigfoot that’s been reported in the South Eastern United States, most of the time in the Florida Everglades.


There is some confusion over its name – some say it’s called the skunk ape because of a white stripe in its black fur, others say it’s because of the odor it gives off, which is attributed to the methane released by its swampy home. Most reports say it’s tall, over 6 feet, has black or rusty-colored fur, and glowing red eyes. And when I say reports…I mean, multiple sightings. The skunk ape has not been a shy cryptid. Much like bigfoot, it has been seen a whole lot.

Skunk Ape Lives.jpg

According to the folklore of the Seminole there was a creature called Esti Capcaki, a name which roughly translates as "cannibal giant.” It was smelly and big and kept itself well hidden. There were reports of a similar creature to what would become known as the skunk ape that go back to 1818, but the first contemporary sightings are from the sixties and seventies. These included police officers who spotted it, along with hikers, and residents. In 2000, a woman sent photographs of what many believe is a skunk ape. There have also been videos that have come out, as well. Much of the evidence, including exclusive new video of the creature and witness interviews are featured in the documentary "Skunk Ape Lives," by filmmaker Stacy Brown, Jr. 

Learn more about Stacy Brown Jr. on Instagram and Facebook. Also, check out the film on Amazon Prime!  

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