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10 Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Mythical Creatures

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Case #1 & 2 in the Sam London Adventure series

Guardians of the Gryphon's Claw

It’s the holiday time of year and we know what kids are really looking forward to…the gifts! The Department of Mythical Wildlife has unwrapped its official list of great gift ideas for kids who love mythical creatures

Little Girl with Christmas Present

1. Mythical Creatures Playing Cards

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Kids of all ages will love playing with this custom deck of playing cards featuring mythical creatures from Norse, Greek, East Asian, and Egyptian folklore. Each suit represents a different pantheon and has symbols and iconic elements from each. This custom deck of mythical creatures playing cards was illustrated by Gustavo Borboa and printed in the USA by the Bicycle brand with a linen air cushion finish. It includes two unique jokers, one double backed card, and a card identifying all the mythical creatures, as well as the standard 52 cards. Just think – instead of playing Go Fish, you can play Go Dragon!

2. Create with Clay Mythical Creatures – Sensory Arts & Crafts for Kids

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Perfect for that budding mythical creature artist, the Create with Clay lets your kids make mythical creatures for display and play. This kit contains plastic skeletons for a dragon, a unicorn, and a phoenix. Plus kids can redo them over and over again and the clay will not dry out! And that means they can take their sweet time creating their masterpieces. Informational videos and instructions help make it easier for kids to get started!

3. Mythical Creatures Drawing Game & Animal Art Ideas. 150 Prompt Cards for All Ages & Imaginations,

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If your child loves mythical creatures, have them create their own with these unique artist prompt cards. In this game, there are no winners or losers – everyone is a creative artist. To play the game, you shuffle the decks and flip over 5 cards that will tell you what to draw. Ignite your imagination and enjoy endless hours of fun and laughter with the art inspired by these 150 high-quality, poker-sized prompt cards. Great for solo exploration or as a creative family-fun night game.


4. LEGO Creator 3in1 Mythical Creatures Building Kit 

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If your child is wild about Legos and mythical creatures, we’ve got the perfect give. Now they can enjoy monstrous building adventures with this LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Mythical Creatures set. Create a fire-breathing dragon with a dark-red and yellow color scheme, green eyes, large fangs, and pointed claws. Once built, kids can put their dragon into action with its posable head, legs, tail, and wings. This 223 piece set can also build an axe-bearing troll, or a giant spider. The LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building.

5. Tat Sat – A Summer or Family Travel Card Game

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TAT SAT weaves mythical beings into an engaging and fun game of memory and strategy. The goal is to complete the most collections using memory, observation, deduction, a little bit of luck (and maybe some fairy dust, too!) to become the TAT SAT and win the game.


The 72 cards are grouped into 15 collections specific to each of the following groups: Hindu Goddesses, Hindu Gods, Egyptian Goddesses, Egyptian Gods, Greek Goddesses, Greek Gods, Roman Goddesses, Roman Gods, Norse Deities, Celtic Deities, Mayan Deities, Asian Goddesses, Archangels, Mythical Beings, and Fairy Dust (sparkly good luck bonus card!) Collect as many as you can by taking them from other players, and, while doing so, discover and learn all about the gods and goddesses of ancient and modern times. TAT SAT is educational, engaging, mind stimulating, and memory challenging.


6. UBTECH JIMU Robot Mythical Series – App-Enabled Building & Coding STEM Robot Kit

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Pricey, yes…But it’s a mythical creature robot! Now you can build and code your very own mythical FireBot or you design your own creation. The 606-piece kit has everything you need to create a buildable, codable FireBot, including 2 sets of dragon wings, 3 smooth motion robotic servo motors, 1 DC motor, 1 touch sensor, 1 LED light, 1 main control box, a USB cable and quick start guide. Kids can code this epic creature with the Blockly coding platform that will ignite your child’s passion for robotics and STEM learning. With Blockly coding you can program the LED light in the FireBot’s snout to glow a fiery red or an icy cold blue. Touch the sensor on FireBot’s chest to activate and program its movable wings and magical actions.


For step-by-step, 3D, 360° no tools required instructions, your child can download the FREE JIMU app. Works with both Apple and Android smart devices. The multi award winning JIMU Robot is a robotic building block system for ages 8+.

7. Safari Ltd. Mythical Realms Figures 

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If your child is into action figures then check out the extraordinary designs of popular mythological creatures from Safari Ltd. Bring fantasy to life and spark your child’s imagination with these detailed models. Choose from a griffin, werewolf, chimera and more! Each replica comes with descriptive 5-language educational hangtag and are phthalate-free.

8. LookHUMAN’s “Believes in You” Mug Series

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Does the child in your life believe in the Loch Ness monster, bigfoot, the yeti, or the mothman? We do! Have them sipping from an 11-ounce mug that features their favorite cryptid! It also makes a great pen/pencil holder. These heavy-duty mugs offer large handles for easy gripping and are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

9. Fin Fun's Reinforced Mer-Tails

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Does your child ever wonder what it would be like to be an actual mythical creature? Now they can experience the life of a mermaid or selkie with Fin Fun’s mer tails. These swimmable tails for kids and adults feature exclusive patterns made of premium, fade-resistant fabric that stretches four ways, promoting hours of fun at the pool or beach! Plus, they’re the safest mermaid tails on the market, powered by a patented monofin that's comfortable, safe, and easy to remove in the water. 

10. Books about Mythical Creatures

Last but definitely not least…Books! Transport your child to a land filled with mythical creatures with some of the top books featuring magical beasts (check out our list of fantasy books!). Here’s two of our favorites, but we admit we’re a little biased.

Guardians of the Gryphon's Claw

Author: Todd Calgi Gallicano

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Haunted by a dream of a mythical gryphon, Sam London uncovers an ancient secret that will change the way he sees the world forever. Recruited by Dr. Vance Vantana, an eccentric zoologist and park ranger sent by the government, Sam is whisked away on an adventure that takes him to the farthest reaches of the globe. Along this journey, Sam learns an incredible truth: mythical creatures are real and living among us in our national parks. 

A special department in the U.S. government ensures that their existence remains hidden. But Sam's dream is an omen that the secret may now be in danger. Someone seeks the power to expose these creatures and overthrow humankind--and that power can only be found in a magical talisman known as the gryphon's claw. Check out the trailer!

The Selkie of San Francisco

Author: Todd Calgi Gallicano

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In this thrilling sequel to Guardians of the Gryphon’s Claw, Sam London dives headlong into his second case involving a selkie, a mysterious girl, and an ominous new threat to the mythical and human worlds. Check out the trailer!

Guardians of the Gryphon's Claw.jpg
The Selkie San Francisco cover.jpg

So there you have it The DMW’s official list of awesome gifts for kids who love mythical creatures. Everyone here at the department wishes you a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

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