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On the Wings of Horses

The winged horse is a creature that has its roots in many different mythologies from around the world. There are instances of winged horses in Turkic, Chinese, Norse, and Tibetan mythologies. Of course, the most famous winged horse was Pegasus of Greek mythology.

In the case known as “Guardians of the Gryphon’s Claw,” (SL001-180) we learn of the secret presence of winged horses in Redwood National Park. One particular horse, named Gus, is a friend of Ranger Penelope Naughton. Through the help of a special serum, the two share a unique relationship.

Winged horses like Gus live in secret within many of the world’s national parks. They are gentle, noble creatures with great strength and powerful minds, who love to take flight whenever possible. Fortunately, the DMW has worked with aviation officials to ensure the creatures do not disturb human flight activity. However, the next time you experience slight turbulence on a plane, it may just be a flock of winged horses soaring, circling and looping around you. They can be quite playful.

Creature Feature:

Winged horses have telepathic abilities that enable them to speak with their minds. They're also highly empathic, which means you may not know what they’re saying, but they know how you’re feeling. It makes them perfect companions and ideal helpers when friends are in danger. They can also breathe at high altitudes, a must when flying over our national parks.

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