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Hola, Chupacabra!

This one is not for the faint of heart. The notorious “chupacabra,” or goat-sucker (ew!) is a monstrous little beast that is known to drain the blood of its victims. It supposedly performs this macabre act through a bite to the chest. Contemporary reports claim the first sightings of the creature occurred in the mid 1990’s in Puerto Rico, but the DMW can secretly confirm that the chupacabra has been around much, much longer.

Although the creatures were relegated to protected areas in the American southwest and Mexico, there have been incidents with the chupacabra escaping these habitats and causing problems for the DMW, as well as Mexican mythical wildlife authorities, the Comisión Nacional de Criaturas Míticas Protegidas (CONCMP).

According to reports, chupacabra stand about three feet tall and have reptilian bodies. Their legs are long, like a kangaroo, and their backs sport a row of sharp spines. The face of the monster has red glowing eyes, a protruding jaw with long fangs, and a forked tongue.

Creature Feature:

The chupacabra emits a foul sulfur-like odor that can induce nausea and disorientation, as well as heighten the fear in its potential victims.

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