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What is Nessie?

Although sightings of a strange creature in Loch Ness have been traced back to the sixth century, the modern legend began in 1933 when a journalist and water bailiff (a sort of lake policeman) reported seeing a dragon-like monster in the famed body of water. It is unfortunate the writer decided to use the word “monster” in this account, as we can attest that these creatures are anything but scary or monstrous. Of course, since that initial report, the legend of the loch ness “monster” has spread far and wide, fueling stories in books, movies, and imaginations around the world.

The creature, itself, is described as resembling a plesiosaur, an aquatic dinosaur with a long neck and four flippers. In addition to the hundreds of first-hand accounts, there are dozens of alleged photos and videos of the creature and many searches have been undertaken in the lake to find Nessie. However, according to human historians and scientists, there has been no definitive proof or confirmation of the creature’s existence and the DMW will help to keep it that way. For those intrepid sorts, there is a live webcam of Loch Ness where you can take on your own search for the mysterious creature. If you see anything, give us a holler.

Creature Feature:

Loch Ness Monsters are extremely fast swimmers, enabling them to move so rapidly as to avoid detection and capture.

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