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Get to Know the Jackalope

It must first be noted that the scientific community denies the existence of the jackalope, also known as “Lepus Cornutas” or the Horned Hare. Therefore, the DMW cannot confirm that the jackalope is real and secretly living within the country’s national parks. Jackalopes aren’t a purely American phenomenon, as some believe, rather they can also be found in other parts of the world; notably Germany and Sweden. The history of the creature dates back several centuries, but it was its addition in a zoology book in the 16th century by Conrad Gessner that documented its existence. Several other books followed, which also noted the creature and provided illustrations (as seen above).

Jackalopes are carnivorous creatures who hunt in packs and are dangerous if threatened. They can also grow to roughly the size of a horse. Douglas, Wyoming, considers itself the Jackalope Capital of the World, and the animal can be found adorning signs and benches in the town, along with jackalope statues and souvenirs. In fact, the city dispenses jackalope hunting permits, but the creatures can only be hunted on the 31st day of June, between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m. Please note, the DMW does not endorse the hunting of this mythical creature.

Creature Feature:

The jackalope is known for its unique ability to both understand human languages, as well as mimic the human voice. This allows it to evade capture by tricking would-be hunters.

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